• Q: Is my camera suitable for use with your service?
    A: If it is on the list of compatible cameras - yes, it does. If not, look for the FTP server settings in the camera settings, if there is, it is most likely suitable.
  • Q: How many cameras can I connect?
    A: It depends on the selected tariff plan, see the properties of the tariff plan.
  • Q: Can I set up an email notification of events?
    A: No, such an opportunity is not realized. Prompt notification will be implemented through a mobile application, which will soon appear on the site.
  • Q: Can I recover deleted pictures?
    A: No, they are permanently deleted.
  • Q: I don’t have time to view the pictures, they are quickly deleted, how to fix this?
    A: Pictures are deleted automatically when the retention period is reached or when the allocated disk space is exceeded. Set your camera to take smaller pictures, or record them less often.